Wine, Tattoos, and A Wandering Mind

wine“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.”
–Clementine Paddleford 

Thursday night is my night. I drink some red wine and watch some of my favorite shows. I LOVE and look forward to Thursday nights! I’m so predictable.

I go to many outdoor art festivals during the summer and one of my favorite things to do is just observe people. I see A LOT of tattoos walking around. The quote above is one tattoo that has stayed tucked somewhere in my memory for years and pops up every so often. The message, of course, is great and the words have a rhythem that sticks with me.

Tattoos are always an interesting subject to me. I don’t have any body art myself. There are some issues that I feel strongly enough about to have permanently displayed on my body, I just choose not to. Maybe because I put it on paper instead? When I see a really interesting piece of body art I will sometimes ask about it. I don’t like to do that as a rule, but at times I just can’t help myself, and people seem to like the fact that I comment on them. Isn’t that the whole idea of having it displayed?

If you feel comfortable enough, share a tattoo of yours!

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