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As an artist my muse comes from my own experiences. I use art as therapy and it’s worked very well for me. In fact I don’t know what I would have done without it. That is the one thing that I have always felt good about in my life and it has gotten me through so many bad moments. It saved me.

Talking deeply about myself is something I rarely do. I have never been able to express myself well through words. I much prefer to document my thoughts and feelings onto paper and speak through images and symbolism, but I’ll do my best while writing this.

I have problems with depression and have for as long as I can remember, and I mean from a very, very young age. For a very long time it was a challenge for me to function in my daily life. I’ll skip over all of the details of my illness mostly because it’s very difficult to describe with any kind of accuracy. It’s one of those things that cannot be understood unless it’s something you’ve gone through.

When I was around 30 something I finally realized that I needed some help and now take some magic little pills that help to stabilize my mood and it’s been such a different world. I wish someone would have realized what was going on years earlier and intervened, but that is history and can’t be changed.

That finally brings me back to the inspiration for this post.

I recently made the decision to share my story. I have a sign that I display at my art shows with a few short paragraphs about myself and what inspires my art. I decided to add a blurb about my depression and how that is what drives me to make art and inspires many of my subjects.

This past weekend I headed to another art show with my new sign in tow. I swear, I put it up and then took it back down at least half a dozen times. I finally forced myself to leave it up and stood in the back of my booth watching as most people that came in read it and then browsed through my artwork. Some just enjoyed looking while others bought.

The sky didn’t fall…

There were a handful of people that privately commented about the newly revised bio saying my honesty helped them appreciate and understand my work. One person very sincerely told me that my work was very “honest”. I realized that the art of “becoming” is usually a life long journey, and starts with acknowledging my past, where it has brought me, and taking the steps to share it.

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  • Thank you for sharing this; you made me feel less alone. I understand the shame that comes with depression as I have suffered from it myself. I am an artist as well (my main medium is dance) and it has saved me in many ways as well. Your artwork is beautiful and honest and I don’t doubt that it comes from the depths you have felt.

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