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Starting a new project

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It’s been a busy summer. It’s starting to feel a little chillier in the mornings and the sun sleeps in (much like me) a little bit longer. This summer has been full of changes. My son is in college and doing his own thing. My husband changed to a different and more relaxing job.

I don’t have many art festivals left so I can start to think about working in my studio again!

I started to experiment with something new last fall. In my studio there are dozens of used linocut plates that are just sitting around gathering dust. I decided to reuse and recycle them in some way. Maybe you’ve seen them. I use 4”x4” cradled hardwood panels. Some mixed media and collage elements make up the background. Usually book text, paint, maybe some pencil drawing or handwriting. I then use one of my used linocut plates and CUT IT UP! It was rather painful the first time. I kept thinking about all of the time put into carving, but I tell myself that I’m not destroying, I’m creating! Right? Sometime you have to do that to find new inspiration. The parts of the linocut that I cut up are then printed over the collage elements. I can get some really interesting effects. The 4”x4” size is good too. They look really nice on the wall and there’s no framing needed!

Here’s a few that I have just started. These will probably get a few more layers of collage elements added.

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