I love old trees. The way the branches twist and turn and sometimes move with the wind inspires me. The sound of the wind through the branches is also very relaxing. I added the red rope as a design element to add movement. What does the rope represent? Connections that are broken, the inability to move myself past a certain point. Will the wind ever blow hard enough to set me free?

“Windswept” was printed with 2 plates. One carved from linoleum. The second (background) is a collagraph made from matboard, pieces of tape, modeling paste and marks made with a pencil.

Image size: 5″ x 15″

Edition of 20

Comes mounted on an acid free foamcore and packaged in an archival vinyl sleeve for mailing.


1 plate linoleum print. 1 pla.te collagraph
Printed on a white Stonehenge printmaking paper with oil based inks.


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