Remnants of Summer

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRecently my dad brought me 3 very large Kohlrabis from his garden this year. I love Kohlrabi. It brings back memories of summer when I was growing up on the farm. My grandma would cut one up and keep them in ice cold water so they stayed crisp. We’d add a layer of salt to them before eating.

Even though I love them, after eating the first 2 I kind of had my fill. The third sat on my counter for weeks and I kept thinking maybe I should eat that, but then didn’t get around to it. I started to notice that it was starting to spoil, but was intrigued by what was happening to it. I thought to myself “this is a Kohlrabi with a lot of character!” I placed it on one of my scarfs and snapped a few pictures because within a few days I’ll have to be throwing this away (it’s starting to develop a fragrance). The color of it and the way the leaves are curling around makes me think this may be artwork worthy.

Beauty can be found in all everyday objects if you look close enough, or I may just have a weird way of looking at things. Either way you may be seeing more of this in my blog.


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