Red Winged Black Bird…and Friends

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Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, and corn started to wear off…and I can’t forget the pie…my very favorite part! Apple, pumpkin, and then the always popular cheesecake. It will take until Christmas to recover and then we’ll do it all over again.

After all of that and a little family time, I decided to get back to my work and start a new project. I had made quite a few little sketches of this idea over the last 4-5 months, working it out in my brain.

The sketch above is a rough draft of this new linocut printmaking project of a red winged black bird and goldfinches perched on a branch that’s balancing on a pile of rocks. I love red winged black birds and there is always a positive response to them when I include them in my work. I have the main subjects where I want them, there may be extra objects added as I go. Maybe some leaves or a length of string might add some movement to the design. Color is going to be another matter. I will have to use red and yellow for the red winged black bird and goldfinches. I may add a light grey for the rocks and some of the tree branch, after that it’s unclear. I usually develop the colors as I go.

More to come.

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