Progress of “Cats Cradle”

I’m starting to work on a new series of images related to “threads”.



A course or direction, storyline, theme.Ties to family, past and present.


I’d like to document the progression of the first of this series. This image (along with many others) has been poking at my brain for quite awhile. Sometimes it takes awhile for the thought to develop far enough along in order to actually get something onto paper. It’s kind of like making a cake. I add a little of this and a little of that, plus some ingredients that are key for a sucessful batter (such as flour, baking powder, etc.) to make everything turn out the way that it should.


I started to sketch this image out a few days ago. I played around with hand position and how the string wound around the figures in a very fluid way. That area will be where I want the eye to focus. It’s a fairly rough sketch. There are alway thing that change as I carve and the peice progresses.


The two image on the left is of course the rough sketch. I then transfered that onto my linoleum and have just began to carve (image on the right). I use a black marker to color the uncarved areas as I go. That makes it much easier for me to see how the final peice may look when printed. I’m getting ready to go to an art festival in Madison, WI this weekend, so I may have to put this on the back burner for a few days.


drawing of cats cradle

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