Poet/Artist Collaboration Project

Separating chaff from memory

Separating chaff from memory


I did it! I didn’t thing I was going to make it, only 3 days to the deadline to get my piece of artwork done for the “Poet/Artist Collaboration” exhibit to be held in Zumbrota, MN in May. I will be delivering it Friday to the gallery.

“Separating Chaff from Memory” turned out to be a 16″ x 20″ (framed size) 7 color reduction linocut. Edition of 30. This is the poem that I worked from:

Iowa Farm Sale, 1983

It’s threshing time. Our lives are stacked
in bales in the front yard. Here,
in the bee-heavy shade of the mulberry,
I escape the sale of my great-grandmother’s
rocking chair. Five dollars.
With syncopated breaths, the auctioneer
separated chaff from memory,
but I hide my father’s pocketwatch,
slide the metal between bra and breast:
its silver hull heavy enough to remain.
From the front come the voices
of buyers, the winnow of the auctioneer.
Their laughter blows these husks
like grit in October winds.


2 Responses to “Poet/Artist Collaboration Project

  • Thank you Brenda. Sometimes it’s hard to create an image from someone elses work, but I really like the way this turned out. I will be adding it to my gallery soon. Thanks for keeping in touch!

  • Lori, I love it! You captured the sentiment perfectly. You’ll have some for sale right?

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