Papers Revenge

Papers Revenge

Papers Revenge

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Rock, Paper, Scissors, is a game that has been played by just about everyone at one time or another. As a child I’d always avoided choosing “paper”. “Paper” always seemed to be the weakest of the three. This is what happens when “paper” gets his revenge!

“Papers Revenge” is a piece that took years to ponder. Sometimes ideas come to me for no reason and tick in my head like gum on the bottom of my shoe. I loved the idea of rock, paper, scissors. The struggle that I had was; how do I illustrate this simple game in a unique way? “Papers Revenge” was the whimsical outcome.

I used two plates. I used the first plate as a reduction plate layering the ochre, orange-brown, and colors for the rock in the background. The second plate was the main image printed in a dark brown.

This image is one of my favorites and always gets a lot of giggles and comments.

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