My Trip to Boston…

Had a great time in Boston last week! I had a really difficult time getting on the web with my iPad so I didn’t blog. I’d really like to go back, there is too much to see in just one trip. I went with my sister. She really did all of the work to set things up such as the flight, car, and places to stay. I’m not very organized when it comes to planning things. Michele is much more left brained than I am and thank goodness! It could have been complete chaos if left up to me!

We seen a lot of very historic sites. We both commented that we really should have paid more attention in history class. We both recognized the names Miles Standish and Samuel Adams but couldn’t exactly pin point what they were famous for. I knew that one of them is a beer 😛 We used Google a lot! Hard to imagine how old those buildings were and how the decisions that took place in them changed our history.

Even though I was impressed with the scenery I don’t know if any of it will show up in my artwork since my subjects are more whimsical. We did go on two ghost tours and seen a lot of burial grounds. Here’s a few pics. I thought the tree was especially interesting. If you’d like to see some more of the photos I have them posted on my Facebook page:

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