Milkweed is an important plant because so many species of insects depend on it, especially the Monarch butterfly which could not survive without it. Milkweed is essential for Monarch butterflies as it is the only plant that Monarch caterpillars can eat.

I’ve never known that much about milkweed before. Being on the farm as a child, do remember that they were abundant in our ditches. In the fall when the pods dried up I’d love to scatter the white fluff and seeds to the wind. They’re still a magical thing.

I haven’t thought about them much in years, but they have been on my mind lately. I have this lovely brown printmaking paper that I think would look gorgeous with dark blues, browns, and the white of the milkwee fluff (don’t know the technical term). At least it’s beautiful inside my head…This isn’t the time of year yet when all the magic happens so I’ll have to use some of my creative license and a little of my memory to get the effect I want.

Milkweed Plant

Milkweed Plant – Notice the monarch caterpillar on the leaf? (Thank you Jill for sending me the picture)

Milkwee Drawing

Milkwee Drawing – I plan to use 2 plates for this one. This will be the last plate that I print. This rough drawing is as detailed as I get.

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