Hardest Parts First

Below is the progression of the “Cats Cradle” piece.

cats cradle hard parts

When figures are involved I like to get the hardest parts cut first. That’s it, dive right in. That way if I have any kind of “epic mistake” I don’t have too much time invested. In this case the hardest parts were the hands and faces. I spent the last two nights working on just the faces alone (very stressful), but I think they turned out alright. I’ll have to be very carful when I print so the fine lines in the faces don’t break, I’d have some faceless girls on my hands. How would I make that work??? The farther that this peice progresses, the more anxious I am to get it done. I have some new processes that I’d like to try on this one to add color and patterns. But I’ll leave it for a surprise! It will be a surprise for me too!

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