Do You Have Thoughts On How We “Become”?

I have been working and experimenting with collagraph printing and love the results that I’ve been getting. I found this little dress in a thrift store awhile back and it had such a sweet and innocent feel to it. The lace and fabric texture would make a beautiful collagraph print.

Baby dress for collagraph printmaking

How We Become
This little dress started me thinking about who and how we “become”. It reminds me of a baptismal dress. We all come into the world as innocents. No history, only a future. Some say that family or where you grow up determines where life takes us. I, on the other hand believe that we have more power over where we end up in life. It’s an interesting debate. 

Where I’m Starting
I started by cutting the dress in half to take away some of the bulk. Mod-Podge is what I am using to “glue” and seal the fabric to my matboard.

Baby dress for collagraph printmaking Baby dress for collagraph printmaking

The plan is to create a series of these prints using papers and other elements for the backgrounds and then apply the collagraph over the top. Each one would have a different theme. I will have to think about this some more.

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