Description of Commonwealth Theater Project

Right before the holidays rolled around one of the galleries that represents my work asked me if I’d be interested in a new project. Every year the Commonwealth Theater group in Lanesboro, IA has at least one artist create an image representing each of the plays for that season. The little voice inside my head said,
“that sounds like a lot of fun, let’s do it!”
As not to break tradition I answered,
“that DOES sound like a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to get my work in front of more eyes, besides, storytelling is something I love to do!”
I really need to listen to what my little voice says, and then take about an hour to REALLY think before I act.

The rub is that I will have to complete 5 different fairly large images by the end of March, 2013. That’s a daunting timeline for a printmaker. Truthfully, I would have done it anyway because the whole thing really excites me, and for an artist that’s a necessary ingredient to the whole recipe. I decided that, as far as ideas go, I’ll choose from the first few ideas that I think of for each play. Those are usually the best anyway, and limit the colors that I use.

So that is what I worked on during my Christmas, and New Years vacation.

The titles of the plays are:

    Dolls House


    Blithe Spirit


    Sherlock Holmes the Final Adventure


    The Memory of Water


    The Last Night of Bally Hoo

I’ll be posting updates on the project!

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