Cutting away parts of the background with a knife

Red Winged Blackbird Project | Final Steps

A few more steps and this image will be finished! It’s time to revisit the first plate that was carved....

Red Winged Blackbird Project. Printing the orange.

Red Winged Blackbird Project | I’m Starting to Love It!

Here’s another update on the blackbird and goldfinch project that I’ve been working on. I mixed a semi-transparent gray color...

Red Winged Blackbird plate inked with yellow

Red Winged Blackbird Project | 2nd Color

This project has seemed to slow down a bit. I’ve had a lot of things going on and haven’t been...

Lori Biwer-Stewart Red Winged Blackbird Linocut

Printing the Rocks First

More work to do on the Red Winged Blackbird project. Once the main plate was carved I used that plate...

Red Winged Blackbird and Goldfinches artwork

More Blackbirds and Goldfinches

Here’s a late Merry Christmas to you all. The holidays has made me a little lazy and on a slight...

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