Baby dress for collagraph printmaking

Do You Have Thoughts On How We “Become”?

I have been working and experimenting with collagraph printing and love the results that I’ve been getting. I found this...

Maintaining Equilibrium

Preparing and Printing a Collagraph Plate

I am getting so into collagraph printmaking. It’s so different that linocut. Linocut will always be my first love, but...


Wishbone – The Finished Piece

Here’s the finished print of “Wishbone”. I used 4 colors layered over one another. I had a lot of wasted...


Project “Wishbone”

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been applying for some summer shows and also some solo exhibit opportunities....


Final Print Renamed “Collector”

It’s been bitterly cold here in Iowa so why not pull this piece out again and work on it. I decided...

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