Subtle Changes

This past week I added 2 more browns to this, gradually getting darker. I figure I have 2 more spots of color to add and then this should be finished! There is an exhibit deadline that I’d like to meet next week. These pictures didn’t turn out very good. You can see much more texture when
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A Little Medium Brown

I added a little medium brown to this. I’m starting to see a little depth and shadow now. I’m thinking maybe 2 more colors will make a complete piece. So far, so good.

A little Grey on Wednesday

    I thought this might need a little grey at the bottom. I like how the colors are mixing visually. Stay tuned!

Something New

Something New

I started something new yesterday. I’m not going to say what it is (it might be obvious), you’ll have to see the progression. I already printed a yellow and kinda brownish layer. I left the brown layer a little choppy looking on purpose. I’ve come to like the way the colors look when I apply
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Separating Chaff from Memory

Poet/Artist Collaboration Project

  I did it! I didn’t thing I was going to make it, only 3 days to the deadline to get my piece of artwork done for the “Poet/Artist Collaboration” exhibit to be held in Zumbrota, MN in May. I will be delivering it Friday to the gallery. “Separating Chaff from Memory” turned out to
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New Project Brings Spring (I Hope)!

There’s a new project that I just started that I’m very excited about! Crossings Gallery in Zumbrota, MN is hosting a “poet/artist collaboration”. There were about 25 peoms to choose from. Everything is anonymous. I have to read the poem share my inspiration from it as a piece of art. There will be a reception
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Osage, IA Artwork

Mitchell County Courthouse Cupola

A beautiful image of a lost treasure. Last week a very sad event happened in Osage, IA. The Mitchell County Courthouse in Osage, Iowa is now just a pile of rubble. The area looks so empty now. It’s a little surreal seeing a pile of brick and timber in place of a landmark that has
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Working on the Final Color

The holidays are over and things are finally starting to get back to normal. The extremely cold weather makes me want to settle in under a warm blanket with my kitty “Fang”. Even though I’m struggling to get back into the swing of things I’ve managed to make the final additions to the new “Cupola”
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Getting Back to the Cupola

Holiday preparations are taking their toll on me. I have all of the Christmas shopping done and am preparing for family functions starting this weekend. The holidays came a little too early for me this year! Finally getting back to working on this. Last night I set aside a few hours to carve a little
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Courthouse Cupola in Progress

I spent most of the day today working on a new piece of artwork inspired by Osage. Our courthouse is scheduled to come down and a new one will take its place. The courthouse cupola is a landmark and can be seen peeking out among the trees from all over Osage. I’ll be sorry to
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