Baby dress for collagraph printmaking

Do You Have Thoughts On How We “Become”?

I have been working and experimenting with collagraph printing and love the results that I’ve been getting. I found this little dress in a thrift store awhile back and it had such a sweet and innocent feel to it. The lace and fabric texture would make a beautiful collagraph print. How We Become This little
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Maintaining Equilibrium

Preparing and Printing a Collagraph Plate

I am getting so into collagraph printmaking. It’s so different that linocut. Linocut will always be my first love, but I also love the soft textures that can happen in a collagraph print. This first video is a description of how the plate was made. This video shows the inking and printing of a collagraph.
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Wishbone – The Finished Piece

Here’s the finished print of “Wishbone”. I used 4 colors layered over one another. I had a lot of wasted images with this one due to some smudges and mistakes in registration, but I was still able to get an edition of 14. I also decided to print some with just the main image in
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Project “Wishbone”

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been applying for some summer shows and also some solo exhibit opportunities. My goal for the year is to focus on more of those venues and scale back on the summer shows. The galleries that represent my work are also wanting to get some new pieces on
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Final Print Renamed “Collector”

It’s been bitterly cold here in Iowa so why not pull this piece out again and work on it. I decided to do some hand painting and really like the way it turned out. Next time I make a collagraph there will be some things that I do differently, but it’s all about learning and experimenting.
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“Buttons” – The Experiment Continues

Subscribe to my mailing list to hear about giveaways, events, and new projects >> I finally got the printmaking paper that I ordered. The company I ordered from (who shall remain nameless) send some shipments with something called Smart Post. It took 1-1/2 weeks to get it, and it wasn’t because of the holidays. the box
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Papers Revenge

Papers Revenge

Subscribe to my mailing list to hear about giveaways, events, and new projects >> Rock, Paper, Scissors, is a game that has been played by just about everyone at one time or another. As a child I’d always avoided choosing “paper”. “Paper” always seemed to be the weakest of the three. This is what happens when
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Adventures with Collograph Printmaking

Thanksgiving is over, I’m full of turkey and all the other goodies that I probably shouldn’t have eaten (but it was soooo good)! Now it’s time to get back into the studio and work a bit. Collograph is something that I’ve been experimenting with for awhile now, but not with much success. This is the
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New Project – Buttons

I’m finally getting back into my studio and getting back to work, and the theme is “buttons”. I’m trying something new, well, maybe not new, I’ve tried this technique before and then abandon it again for the familiar linoleum cut. This is a different form of printmaking called collagraph. The term collagraph refers to a collage board
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Wine, Tattoos, and A Wandering Mind

“Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be.” –Clementine Paddleford  Thursday night is my night. I drink some red wine and watch some of my favorite shows. I LOVE and look forward to Thursday nights! I’m so predictable. I go to many outdoor art festivals during the summer and one of my
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