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Artists StatementLBS

“My work revolves around subjects that explore life and experiences from my own perspective. The themes found in my work and are based on dreams, beliefs and observations of myself and others. I also love to incorporate symbolic images such as birds, keys, and doors into my work which I hope encourage thought and interpretation. My work has been growing both in size and complexity. I often incorporate other forms of printmaking such as monoprint or collagraph to create interesting textures and text elements. Ultimately I do not seek to unravel mystery or provide answers, but rather record my observations and ideas in whimsical images, encouraging others to seek out the answers for themselves.”

More About Linoleum Printing

I love block printing because of the bold and simple designs that can be created, but that simplicity takes a lot of steps to achieve. The technique is excellent for images with just a few colors and fewer details, but can be difficult to use for images with lots of small text, or very fine details that tend to break off the block with too many uses. One of the advantages of block printing is that it can be done on a surface of almost any size and texture. I usually print on a on a block of linoleum through the process of linocut but printing can be done on any fabric, paper, canvas, wood and other materials, and you don’t have to worry about fitting it through a printer or a press.

Block printing is also an excellent way to produce something that is truly handmade, but can be very easily replicated. Carving the block is time consuming and requires a lot of patience.

Block printing is also one of the easiest printing methods to get started with, since the materials needed to start are relatively inexpensive, and you don’t need a lot of equipment for printing. It’s a great way to get into printmaking!

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