A Beautiful Crop of….Rocks

Close up of a plate.

Close up of a plate.

Iowa Rocks

If you follow me on Facebook you might know that I was demonstrating linocut printmaking on the porch of Outside the Lines Art Gallery in Dubuque, IA. This is the image that I started to work on. I was able to do a little more over the long weekend. My plan is to print 3 colors with 2 plates. The plate shown on the left will be the backround texture in blue. I chose to use a natural color rice paper called Thai Kozo. It’s very light and a little transparent. There is also a nice fiberous texture to it that I thought would fit in nicely with the subject. I’ll then use the other plate shown in the gallery below as a reduction printing an Ochre and brown.

That’s the plan, it may change as I print. I haven’t thought of a final title yet for this either. I’ll leave that and the inspiration for this pile of rocks as a surprise!

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