A Beautiful Crop of….Rocks (The Inside Story)


3rd color printed and hung to dry.

3rd color printed and hung to dry.

One of my most vivid, but not fondest, memories of growing up on the farm was picking rock out in the field. Does anyone do that anymore? I suppose there is a machine now for that. Technology has come a really long way in the last 30 years!

For all of you city dwellers who’s never heard of “picking rock” it’s a rather simple but strenuous activity. In the spring before any of the crops were put in we’d go out as a family and follow along after the tractor with a hay rack looking for rocks sticking up out of the ground. We’d dig the rocks out of the ground with our fingers and hoist them up onto the hay rack. We had to do that so the machinery wouldn’t hit one of those rocks and break. This was quite a muscle building exercise. Us girls took the opportunity to get a nice sun tan. The only part of “picking rock” that made the whole thing even a little barable was taking turns driving the tractor (that often caused some minor fights). When we had a full hay rack of nice dirty rocks we’d drive them over to a really large pile of rocks at the edge of the field and made the pile even bigger. That pile had been there for as long as I can remember and is still there. I often wonder how long those rocks at the very bottom have been there and what generation had laid the first rock to rest in the big pile.

Anyway, that’s what inspired this piece “Discarded Crop”. It seemed as though the rocks just grew back every year, and we’d be out there picking them up, every year.

“Discarded Crop” was printed on a very light weight natural color rice paper. I used 2 plates. One for the blue color. The second plate was used for the light brown and then cut down again to print the dark brown.

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