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    As an artist my work needs to say something. Art is my therapy and it’s worked very well for me. As long as I can remember I've always felt very isolated in the world. I finally sought help in my 30’s and now take medication for depression. I believe that is what led me to become an artist, and plays a significant role in my linocuts now.

    Even though I have no formal training in printmaking, I do have a degree in design. I depend on my natural abilities, a large library of reference books, a love of printmaking, and invaluable information from other printmakers to learn and create my images. Many of my images include the human figure, or something that may represent humanity itself. Symbolism, such as keys, birds, or doors helps to reveal little pieces of the puzzle and to tell the story.

  • Artists Statement

    Lori Biwer-Stewart

    Lori Biwer-Stewart

    Linocut Printmaker"My work revolves around subjects that explore life and experiences from my own perspective. The themes found in my work and are based on dreams, beliefs and observations of myself and others. I also love to incorporate symbolic images such as birds, keys, and doors into my work which I hope encourage thought and interpretation. My work has been growing both in size and complexity. I often incorporate other forms of printmaking such as monoprint or collograph to create interesting textures and text elements. Ultimately I do not seek to unravel mystery or provide answers, but rather record my observations and ideas in whimsical images, encouraging others to seek out the answers for themselves."
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The Process of Linocut

pear7Each piece of artwork requires great attention to detail. I develop a loose design, in reverse, directly on a block of linoleum. After the drawing is finished, I use gouges and knives to carve the design from the block. A thin layer of black, oil-based ink is then applied to the surface of the block that has not been cut away. I transfer the ink to a piece of printing paper by applying pressure with the help of a hand-operated press. Once the ink has dried, I add color by hand using colored inks. I may also incorporate other forms of printmaking such as monotype, or chine colle (applied paper) to add texture and color.

Each image is printed individually so the colors can vary slightly within the edition.

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